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Dreamy White Multi-Purpose Sofa Bed Cover

Hi friends!
With all the hustle-bustle in our life, I like keeping decor simple at home and what better than choosing colours that please the eyes. I love using white colour for my home textiles. White colour never fails to give that tranquil feeling to my heart.
Below is my signature style 3-in-1 Sofa-cum-Bed-Table cover that you can use to achieve the dreamy shabby chic serene look for your place. 

This can't get better as this Ruffled Sofa Cover can be used as a french cottage Bedspread and a farmhouse chic Tablecloth too.

ektorp sofa cover

See below how am I using it for my bed & table: 

shabby chic bedding 

It's a very versatile piece to own. It's multi purpose nature is waiting for you to apply your creativity. It will look beautiful on any piece of furniture!

Oh and did I tell you that it has an extra layer of padded lining for the heavy duty use and to protect your sofa from cats & dogs scratches and kid's colouring. It's such a relief for me as I can protect my sofa's from my toddler boy. 

Let me know if you have any questions on this sofa cover. I will be happy to answer!



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