Do you love showing off your home on Instagram or your website or blog? 

Are you able to take bright, styled photos?

Then, let's work together! Listed below are my collab terms: 


What you get:
• You will get a huge 50% discount (max) on all products listed in my shop, this way you can save on your favourite product

Impress your followers with a custom coupon code specially created for you 

Earn 5% commission on every product your followers buy through your affiliate link

• I will share you to my IG feed at some point and mention you in my caption in hopes to send you some lovely followers


What you do:
• Purchase a product at full price or discounted price
• Post a minimum of 5 bright, well styled, shareable photos to IG mentioning me in the caption (not every time you post, just initially, or at some point)

Post your thecottonhut affiliate link on Instagram
• Once your 5 photos have been posted I will look up your order number and refund you 50% for your product


If this interests you, please apply through this link


Now stay tuned!
If I feel your photos/following would be good fit for my business I will get back to you via DM on Instagram with a month that we can collaborate. I take on 10 collabs a month so that I don't get too overwhelmed with extra work.

Thanks for loving my brand and wanting to be a part of it. I love doing this and cannot believe that it is my full time job!